The UX of GPS


Conduct a literature review into the behavioral effects of the mass-adoption of mobile devices. Make connections between the basic and applied research. Present findings at a professional conference.


I read a lot of research papers, and skimmed through even more. I wrote a lengthy literature review of the 5 most relevant papers I could find. I worked to assemble a mix of basic, applied, behavioral, and attitudinal research. Next, I condensed my literature review into a blog post for the Bentley User Experience Center blog. After that, I applied and was accepted to present my findings in the form of a 10-minute talk at the UXPA Boston 2019 conference.


Presenting at the conference was a nerve-wracking, yet immensely rewarding experience. I received so many questions and great pieces of feedback that I now have a lifetime’s worth of ideas to continue my research in this domain.

Slides from UXPA