The Trustees of Reservations 


Class project at Bentley University: select an existing website and complete the redesign process with a focus on the site’s information architecture.


Document the current site map

First, I combed through the entire current Trustees website and documented its structure.

Card sort and site map redesign

Next, I wrote the title of each page on a card and organized the cards into logical categories, and those categories into a larger hierarchy. Once I was happy with the card sort, I documented the new site map.

Validate the redesign

Next, I conducted a Treejack study using the Optimal Workshop platform. The results were promising, with both a high success rate and directness score. The Treejack study uncovered a few usability issues that I addressed before moving on to building out wireframes.

Build key wireframes

Lastly, I sketched out wireframes for a few key pages on paper (both mobile and desktop.) I took the paper sketches and built them out using design software. I assembled the wireframes to visualize the redesigned user journey for key tasks.


Sitemap redesign

Key wireframes

Next steps

  • Convert the wireframes into a clickable prototype.

  • Conduct user testing to validate the new experience and uncover any problems

  • Iterate upon the wireframes and begin to build out the final product