Data visualization dashboard


Select a complex domain and conduct a literature review of current data visualization strategies within the space. Propose a design for an interactive data visualization to support expert users.


I chose to work with version control data generated by software developers.

Literature review and hypothesis

Based on my literature review, I came up with the hypothesis that current design solutions overcomplicate version control information. If I could design a simpler solution for visualizing version control data, I could make developer’s jobs a little easier. Additionally, the visualization could help non-expert users better understand how developers work.

Design process

  • I started by writing a script to pull data from the Github API. I wanted to play around with real data so that my prototype felt authentic as possible

  • Simultaneously, I worked on thumbnail sketches of possible visualization solutions. This was how I landed on the stacked area graph design

  • Next, I built a static prototype to determine the layout of the dashboard

  • Finally, I built a working proof-of-concept using the Tableau data visualization software


Static prototype and working proof-of-concept

Click here to demo the working proof-of-concept

Slides from final design presentation

Next steps

Further research is needed to validate my design solutions and provide feedback for future iterations. For the remainder of the year, I will conduct research in this domain space as part of my master’s thesis. Stay tuned!