Usability Test



Client: Multinational financial services corporation

Product: Data visualization dashboard to gain insight into the health of retirement savings plans across multiple countries

Users: Retirement plan sponsors and their relationship managers

Team: Myself and a senior staff member at the Bentley University User Experience Center

Project Scope

  • Develop the moderator’s guide

  • Recruit ten participants across three countries (United States, United Kingdom, & Hong Kong)

  • Conduct remote, hour-long testing session with each participant

  • Aggregate & triangulate data

  • Report findings

Example Findings

  • Finding: We were surprised to discover that participants, particularly the Americans, did not regard the dashboard as a relevant tool. The laws and regulations surrounding retirement savings across multiple countries are so diverse, participants felt that comparing the data was incommensurable

    Recommendation: Provide better context for the data, such as captions for histograms and help buttons, to give users the opportunity to obtain a better understanding of international retirement readiness

  • Finding: Participants had difficulty locating certain navigation features justified to the right margin

    Recommendation: Position all navigation controls within the left-hand menu

  • Finding: One histogram incorporated a color palette with insufficient contrast and a texture that was too busy

    Recommendation: Adjust the value of specific hues for better contrast

  • Finding: Countries use different terms to express key concepts; the dashboard used these terms inconsistently and interchangeably

    Recommendation: Be consistent with terminology. Default to the local terminology depending on where the user is located

  • Finding: The dashboard did not consistently convert monetary values to the same unit of currency

    Recommendation: Use the same currency across the entire dashboard. Allow users to easily toggle between currencies on-the-fly. Default to the local currency depending on where the user is located