Avalanche Slides of the Adirondack High Peaks

Senior Thesis Project

Montserrat College of Art Design Seminar


Avalanche Slides of the Adirondack High Peaks is a backcountry guide to assist mountaineering exhibitions. Large storms saturate shallow topsoil on steep granite Adirondack slopes. The occasional storm triggers an avalanche, a massive slide of fallen trees and debris, exposing a scar of bedrock upon the mountain face. The scars of bedrock (avalanche slides) provide a unique opportunity for mountaineers seeking new routes to climb and ski. The book aims to bridge the gap between hiking marked trails and backcountry mountaineering.

Avalanche Slides of the Adirondack High Peaks is a research and information design project. There is little published information available to the aspiring Adirondack alpinist. The book is a unique attempt to compile Adirondack backcountry route information into a single source. Information is gathered from online trip reports, Google Earth, and USGS survey maps. The book is a primer for mountaineers seeking new adventures in their own backyard.


The book features aerial perspective images, topographical maps and simple text descriptions. The book begins in the Northeast quadrant of the High Peaks zone, it travels southwest, following the natural terrain in an intuitive route. Each summit is a dot, the book connects each dot, affording its reader the perspective of a drone decisively touring the region.

Adirondack Slides of the Adirondack High Peaks is an accordion fold book printed on a single sheet of paper. The book is 16' long by 9" high, it folds to 6" wide by 9" high. The book is printed on a large format, roll fed, inkjet printer. The 16' print is trimmed to margin with a utility knife and yardstick. The print is then folded in half, by hand, 16 times.